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Tips for Choosing Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

When choosing a wireless keyboard and mouse, it would be better to buy them as a bundle, because it will be a little cheaper that way. Of course, please remember that these are slightly more expensive because of the technology used to transfer the signal to the computer. Infra red and Bluetooth are the two main technologies used to transfer signals to the computer; Bluetooth is much more expensive than infra red.

Types of Wireless Keyboards

  • Split Key (Ergonomic) Keyboard
    If you want comfortable typing, then this is the keyboard for you. This is because the keys on this keyboard are split into two separate sections that are slightly angled towards each other. This feature allows your arms to maintain a natural position while typing, which, in turn, reduces the tension in your shoulders and arms.
  • Regular Keyboard
    This keyboard is the regular computer keyboard, as we know it. Of course, there are new versions that are doing the rounds, for instance the ones with multimedia and Internet shortcut keys.

Types of Wireless Mouse

  • Wheel Mouse
    This term is used to refer to the regular mouse that has a wheel and is suitable for most needs.
  • Optical Mouse
    The optical mouse uses an optical window in order to determine its position. This is a wonderful feature when you think of it in terms of maintenance. This kind of mouse also shows better performance on surfaces that are too rough for a wheel mouse.

Advantages of a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

The wireless keyboard simplifies life with just the absence of wires. It is because of this feature that the user has the additional freedom to make data entries without sitting in proximity to the computer system. That is not all, installation and operation become simpler too. The absence of wires also ensure uncluttered workplaces. Wireless keyboards usually use a USB protocol.

A boon for people who yearn for freedom from wires, wireless mice certainly make it easier to move around. Tiredness and strain are greatly reduced because of this gadget too. A wireless mouse receives its power supply in two ways, one is the battery and the other the charging seat, wherein the mouse is powered to a power supply.